Anima Mundi

Womb tea

Exquisite tea that may nourish, tone and rejuvenate the womb

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WOMB TEA: Nourish, Tone + Rejuvenate *Organic

An exquisite and nourishing tea that may nourish, tone and rejuvenate the womb.  Composed of classic herbs that are a wellspring for hormonal regulation and support uterine health. 

Store the container in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct contact with very bright light or sunlight as it might damage the product. 

Enjoy the magic of these wholesome organic and wild herbs!

2.5oz of loose leaf blend

The ingredients that make a difference


Some purported health benefits of Vital also also known as chasteberry include the prevention of premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, and infertility


Due to its astringent nature and ability to strengthen smooth tissues, Red Raspberry Leaf has been studied to benefit uterine health. It helps relieve PMS symptoms and can help make your periods less painful. It also may boost fertility and help your body prepare for pregnancy.


Improved circulatory functioning is excellent for both your ovaries and uterus, as they need healthy blood flow in order to work at their peak. Because it improves circulation, red clover can also help promote more, and more fertile, cervical fluid.

Full Ingredients List

Raspberry Leaf*, Nettle*, Red Clover*, Moringa Leaf*, Marshmallow Root*, Lemon Balm*, Vitex* *Organic

How to use it

Morning & Night

Use 1Tbsp of the loose leaf tea per cup of hot water. Steep for 5-7minutes and enjoy. Overnight steeping is also a lovely way to withdraw constituents. In a large jar steep 1Tbp per cup of hot water and allow to steep over night. Sip in the morning at room temperature.

Adriana's Tip

I recommend everyone listen to their body intuitively; follow the dosage that resonates the most with you.

Jazmin's Tip

"This tea is so soothing and helps with an overall sense of balance while nourishing my most precious organ and 2nd heart. So thankful for this blend."