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Prash - Tonic Ambrosia

Stunning blend of tonic herbs, extracts, organic grass-fed biodynamic Ghee

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Prash is inspired by the Ayurvedic formula for Charywanprash and includes a sticky, stunning blend of tonic herbs, extracts, organic grass-fed biodynamic Ghee (from our talented friends at Ancient Organics) and our local Cold-Packed & Raw Wildflower Honey (harvested in the Santa Barbara Mountains)...The Honey and Ghee serve as an excellent vehicle to carry the nutrients of the herbs deep into the body. Minerals include Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Selenium and Magnesium. It is also rich in amino acids.

This is a health-filled delight for the senses

In addition to offering health benefits for the liver, spleen and blood, Prash is also used to support respiratory health. Prash - Tonic Ambrosia nourishes the mucous membranes in the lungs, keeping the respiratory passages clear. Unsurprisingly, Prash is a wintertime staple thanks to the immune system and respiratory protection it offers. However, Prash can be enjoyed at any time, as it can support optimal health all year round.

Prash has also been said to promote healthy aging, preserve physical beauty and improve memory. While other benefits are often reported (including improved digestive and reproductive health), this nourishing and restorative mixture remains best-known for the immune support it provides – along with its palatable flavo

*Organic ** Wildcrafted




The ingredients that make a difference


Raw wildflower honey from organic blossoms and wild honeybees offers incredible health benefits ranging from reduced allergy symptoms, improved digestion, elevated, antioxidant levels, respiratory relief, invigorated skin.


Pine pollen has anti-aging properties, alleviates fatigue, and boosts testosterone.


Ashwagandha contains chemicals that might help calm the brain, reduce swelling, lower blood pressure, and alter the immune system

Full Ingredients List

Proprietary blend of Raw Wildflower Honey, Grass-Fed Ghee, Ashwagandha, Pine Pollen, Astragalus, He Shou Wu, Eucommia, Mucuna Pruriens, Himalayan sea salt

How to use it

Morning & Night

Savor in tea, spread on toast or enjoy by the spoonful!

Scott's Tips

This so-called Ayurvedic jam can be eaten by the spoonful or can be savored in your favorite tea, elixir, smoothie or other beverage. It can also be spread on toast as part of a nourishing breakfast or snack.

Jazmin's Tips

"Not suitable for vegans."