Onyx Ginseng Pearls

Daily Immunity & Energy herbal pearls


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Onyx Ginseng Pearls is your daily herbal wellness tonic

Daily Immunity & Energy
Premium Red Ginseng

The Onyx red ginseng reinvents ginseng with a fermented, immunity rich blend of 7 natural herbal ingredients. Ginseng and peony and other healing herbs mixed with honey. The ingredients are 100% traceable, unadulterated, and sustainably sourced.

Benefits of Onyx Ginseng Pearls:

  • Boosts immunity and energy levels
  • Improves brain function
  • Reduce physical, mental, and emotional fatigue*

Aromatic and earthy with a taste of sweetness

Each package comes with a weekly dose (70 pearls)


The ingredients that make a difference


Fermented Ginseng helps ease the effects of everyday stress. Supports immune health. May help with mild memory loss associated with aging.


Peony provides immune system health support, reduces inflammation, reduces fatigue, and protects the brain.


Poria mushroom contains chemicals that might improve kidney function, lower serum cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and suppress immune function.

Full Ingredients List

Fermented red ginseng extract, peony, white atractylis, poria cocos, milk vetch root, rehmannia glutinosa, balloon-flower root, honey

How to use it

Morning & Night

Take 5 pearls 2 times daily (1 vial) in supplement form with water or pour 6 pearls in a cup of hot water and let it steep like tea for about 5 minutes, stir, and drink.

Grace's Tips

You can also enjoy them as a vitamin when you're one the go.

Jazmin's Tip's

"I pop these like vitamins and chew them, I love the texture."