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Happiness Power Herbal Coffee

NEW! Energizing + Mood Boosting Herbal Coffee

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Happiness Power Herbal Coffee: Serotonin + Dopamine

Energizing + Mood Boosting Herbal Coffee | Caffeine Free | Adaptogenic 

Introducing this renowned Happiness formula now available as a super-powder! Contains key herbal allies that we like to call 'happy herbs' as they do just that, make us happy and elevated. Energized with some of the top herbs researched to increase a sense of peace and happiness, such as Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Mucuna, Albizzia and St John's Wort.  

And to top it all off, the combination of these happy herbs with coffee-esq bases for their grounding and exquisite flavors, such as roasted dandelion, roasted chicory, maca, lucuma, burdock, mesquite and real organic vanilla. 

Key Benefits: 

- Uplifting

- Adaptogenic 

- Mood enhancing

- Coffee Substitute 

- Caffeine Free

- Liver and Gut supportive

- Dopamine + Serotonin Uplifters

- Aromatic Bitters

- Microbiome supportive

- A source in prebiotic fiber


Earthy, lightly roasted, malty, aromatic, sweet with a mild bitter backnote


The ingredients that make a difference


Chicory root comes from a beautiful plant with bright blue flowers that belong to the dandelion family. Used for centuries as both culinary and medicinal purposes. It's a commonly used coffee alternative as it has a similar taste and color. Looks like coffee, but caffeine free free and is a wonderful gastrointestinal tonic for the gut.


Dandelion is one of the most incredible weeds out there. The organic roasted dandelion root is one of the key elements that give it a coffee-esque flavor which also supports the liver and healthy digestion system. Every part of the weed is medicinal and an incredible remedy to have as a daily ally. It has a pleasant roasted flavor with bitter notes much like coffee. Along with liver protection, dandelion supports the body natural detoxification process.


Mesquite is a high-protein, highly nutritious food, rich in iron, lysine, manganese, potassium, and zinc. Studies have shown that diets rich in potassium, an essential mineral and electrolyte, can help to prevent stroke and high blood pressure, and increase bone mineral density.

Full Ingredients List

Roasted Dandelion Root*, Roasted Chicory Root*, Maca*, Mesquite*, Lucuma*, Burdock*, Ashwagandha*, Rhodiola*, Mucuna^, St John's Wort*, Albizzia^, Vanilla*, Cinnamon*. *Organic / ^Wildcrafted

How to use it

Morning & Night

Pair with choice of milk, and/or sweetener for a true treat! Sweeteners are left them out so you can doctor it up as you like.

What people are saying

"The Happiness Powder is amazing! I had been wanting to cut down on my coffee consumption and this is a great substitute. I feel energized and it actually lasts throughout the day as opposed to coffee. My mood is definitely more uplifted as well, and I feel good throughout the day. The taste is so good, nutty, earthy and lightly sweet."

Jazmin's Tip

"I love the taste of coffee but caffeine does nothing for me so I can drink this solely for the taste plus the health benefits and no caffeine. Has the best of both worlds for me."

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