Maryann Okoro

Kambiio is derived from an Igbo word, Kambiri - which means “come alive". We are a conscious Canadian skincare brand created with intention and harnessed with pure time-tested indigenous African botanicals. We create multi-benefit, essential skincare for skin radiance and vitality, especially for dry, textured, and sensitive skin. Each Kambiio product has been formulated with the utmost care to deliver phytonutrients- antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, for a noticeably radiant glow using natural bioactive ingredients. We choose unrefined, organic ingredients first and whenever possible, to ensure that the constituents of our ingredients are intact to deliver compelling benefits while respecting skin integrity. We are passionate about bringing you skincare that feels good, does good for your skin, and elevates you.

Brand: Kambiio