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Glow Tonic

A botanically-rich daily glow tonic charged with plant-based vitamin C to build even-toned, smoother, plumper, and brighter looking skin.


Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES

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brighten + smooth with Glow Tonic

Vitamin C + Geranium

WHAT IT IS: A botanically-rich daily glow tonic charged with plant-based vitamin C to build even-toned, smoother, plumper, and brighter looking skin. This tonic takes the form of a refreshing mist for convenient full coverage application. We blended fruit-based vitamin C into a base of potent rosewater fortified with botanicals of geranium flowers, palmarosa, and tea tree. This fundamental prepping mist dramatically promotes the synthesis of collagen while delivering brightening antioxidants to the surface of the skin.

Most of us are versed in the powerful health benefits of vitamin C. However, few are aware that vitamin C only gives these tremendous rewards when it is delivered to the skin as a stable material. Vitamin C becomes unstable if exposed to oxygen, rendering it less potent and viable. When a stabilized version of the vitamin was developed from citrus fruits, we jumped on the opportunity to deliver its brightening gifts to skin. Vitamin C is essential for maintaining a vibrant and youthful appearance as it is used by our bodies to form collagen, the very protein that supports our skin's physical appearance. It also naturally brightens unwanted pigmentation and reduces signs of aging due to its high antioxidant content. Pure rosewater forms the base of this mist for its cooling and redness-reducing properties. Pure essential oils of geranium, tea tree, and palmarosa regulate oil levels to reduce signs of irritation and normalize the complexion.

Size: 2oz./59mL


The Ingredients that make a difference


Promotes new collagen production, which is a protein that helps make the skin more elastic.Evens out skin tone and brightens the complexion. Works against sun damage because of the way it neutralizes free radicals.


Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, rose water can reduce skin redness and puffiness. It is also commonly used to soothe the irritation of acne and rosacea. It has anti-aging properties.


Coconut Extract seals in moisture and provides essential macronutrients. It strengthens the barrier function and reduces transepidermal water loss. The intense moisturising properties give the skin and hair a soft, hydrated Surface.

Full Ingredients List

Rosewater, Lactobacillus Ferment, Lactobacillus & Coconut Fruit Extract, Fruit-Derived Vitamin C, Geranium Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil.

How to use it

Morning & Night

Mist facial skin keeping away from open eyes mornings and evenings after washing. Follow with hydration and/or SPF.

Sarah's Tip

Always use SPF when using during the day time

Jazmin's tip

"I like to either mist on my face or spray on a cotton pad and blot onto my skin."

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