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He Shou Wu (Wildcrafted)

Longevity, anti-aging, blood-building, beauty, & rejuvenation food

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He Shou Wu has a history of use as a longevity, anti-aging, blood-building, beauty, and rejuvenation food.

He Shou Wu (Wildcrafted) is a superior blood and longevity tonic. Regular consumption of this herb may:

    • Tone and nourish the blood, hair, skin, nervous system, sexual center, Shen (Spirit), and Jing (primary essence/life force)
    • Help reduce cholesterol
    • A tonic for the endocrine glands
    • Help improve stamina
    • Good for resistance to cold
    • Promote red blood cells
    • Enhance immune function
    • Increase antioxidant activity

He shou wu, pronounced “he-show-woo” is one of the most potent and revered adaptogens in the world of herbalism, it is known by its scientific name as well, (Polygonum multiflorum) or (Fo-Ti). According to the history of this root, it was recorded in ancient Daoist texts that he shou wu was discovered around 812 AD when an old man who fell asleep in the forest, who was frail and in poor health stumbled upon a long he shou wu vine, which he dug up and brought home to inspect further. After preparing the root and enjoying for a few months with regular consumption, he became stronger and his vitality and strength returned, along with his long black hair and his eyesight improved as well. His final age recorded was 160 years old. This man’s name was He Tianer, which is the reason this herb, formally called Fo-Ti was named “He Shou Wu’ meaning “He’s Black Hair.” This root, in its prepared form can help assist with several processes, such as hair and nail growth, immune function and jing (primary essence). This root is not a stimulant however may provide focused energy when incorporated into our daily/weekly routines.

He shou wu is reported to calm the nervous system as it is a mild sedative. It is an energy tonic while also being used to calm the body and mind. He shou wu is used to maintain health and youthfulness, as well as its ability to support hair growth and color. It contains potent antioxidants which can support the liver and eyes, as well as sexual drive, sperm count and women's reproductive health.

This potent Jing tonic is also a good source of iron and supports the body’s ability to clear superoxide. Superoxide is a free radical, which are produced every moment to support the living process and our health depends on our clearing them up from our body. This is a main reason that he shou wu is considered to be “anti-aging.”

He shou wu also contains Zinc as well, an essential trace mineral for all forms of life. Zinc, when used to treat a deficiency may aid in increasing wound healing and boosting the immune system, as well as treating the common cold, ear infections and also may prevent lower respiratory infections.



The ingredients that make a difference


Traditional Taoist Herb & Jing Tonic.This is a 10:1 Extract of the Prepared He Shou Wu Root.

How to use it

Morning & Night

Add 1 tsp. to water or tea, blended potions, or nervous system tonics- be creative!

Scott's Tips

Those with existing liver problems should also talk to their doctors prior to adding this tonic herb to their wellness routine.

Jazmin's Tip's

"My holy grail beauty food. I add a dash to all my tonics!"

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