How to go natural: A case for natural deodorant

How to go natural: A case for natural deodorant

Like many of you, the idea of switching to natural deodorant sounds a bit too hippy-dippy and the dread of stinking of patchouli and rotten BO is scarier than the toxins found in traditional antiperspirants. But let me guide you into the easiest way to transition.

But first let’s discuss why using natural deodorant is better for you than using antiperspirants. There have been several studies that link the aluminum found in antiperspirants to a handful of different types of cancer including breast cancer (and yes men can get breast cancer too so I’m not just talking to the ladies here)

The aluminum found in antiperspirants have been found to plug the sweat glands, thus preventing toxins from leaving the body through the lymph nodes. According to the national cancer Institute, aluminum has estrogen like properties and because estrogen can promote the growth of breast cancer tissue, there’s concern that aluminum can have the same effect when absorbed by the skin.

Below are 5 tips on how to make the healthy switch:

-1- Start in the wintertime: Lets face it, we sweat more during the hotter seasons of the year so switching to natural deodorant during the colder months will make it so much easier because we sweat less and even if we do still sweat, the layers of clothing can mask the smells you’re trying to avoid.

-2- Commit: Your body is supposed to sweat. It’s how it releases toxins that can be harmful for the body. The odor you smell the first several weeks or months when using natural deodorant is totally normal because that’s the bacteria that’s been trapped and is finally able to release from your body. BUT don’t fret, this is only temporary. In time, your sweat won’t smell like anything.

-3- Blot: In case you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable, carry some wet wipes with you for a quick and easy refresher and then reapply your deodorant.

-4- If after a month or so you don’t feel that the deodorant you’re using is working, try another one. Some people respond to different formulas. Some prefer the roll on and others really love the kind you apply with your fingers in the form of a paste. But don’t’ give up! -5- Start small. If the brand you’re looking at offers mini or travel sized options, start there first and see which works best for you before you commit to the full sized version.

Here are some suggestions of PWB approved natural deodorants -

Native - Tierra & Lava - Vapour - Schmidt’s sensitive skin formula - Piper Wai

xoxo PWB Team

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Blog-How to go natural: A case for natural deodorant

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Blog-How to go natural: A case for natural deodorant

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Blog-How to go natural: A case for natural deodorant



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