The Well Wisher Recipe

July 8 - 2019

The Well Wisher recipe is bright and refreshing, a simple twist on a classic limeade that’s perfect for the hot summer days. This drink features Suu Kuu Sea of Serenity, which can help nourish and heal your nervous system and adrenals, promote emotional resiliency, and bring focus to the mind. Elevate your mood, and share the good vibes!

The Well Wisher Recipe:

Over Ice,

1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice (Approx 1 Lime)

1/2 oz. Organic Maple Syrup

6 oz. Sparkling Water

1 dropperful Sea of Serenity (20mg)

Gently Stir

Garnish With Elderflower


By Erika Hanson


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