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Three Roses Deep

Three Roses Deep is a face mist with extracts of three roses.


Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES

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Three Roses Deep is a face mist with extracts of three roses. 

Rose water is one of the most beloved skincare products of all time. Our swoon-worthy version contains botanical waters from Turkish and Iranian roses, resulting in a vibrant, multilayered, 100 percent natural rose scent.

Additional Ingredients 

Aloe leaf juice: A high percentage (10 percent) of cold-press organic whole-leaf aloe juice has been added for its skin-cell reparative, antimicrobial, anti-acne, and cooling properties.

Ferulic acid: This well-regarded antioxidant is clinically proven to protect the skin from UV damage. Our U.S.-made ferulic acid is derived from rice bran.

Gold spring water: We infuse the different rose extracts in natural spring water from the Golden Hawk Mountains in Romania. This water crosses underground silver and gold ore deposits, so it contains lab-test-proven traces of colloidal gold and silver, which both enhance the water's healing properties. Colloidal gold is associated with anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic properties, while colloidal silver is known for its antimicrobial and detoxifying effects. This multiple-award-winning water also naturally contains relatively high levels of calcium and magnesium. One more reason we chose this water above the many others that we tested is that it is packaged in glass bottles.

The ingredients that make a difference


A combination of rose essential oils, a rose absolute, and a rose flower essence, as each type offers different benefits. The rose essential oil, the most expensive essential oil in the world, is known for its many topical skin benefits and has a quickly dissipating scent. The absolute adds scent depth and complexity and has been studied for antidepressant properties. Rose extracts have been proven in many studies to be highly antioxidant, antimicrobial (particularly antifungal), anti-inflammatory, and analgesic, and they are also astringent. The wild rose flower essence adds an element of vibrational healing: Wild rose essence is used to assuage grief and disappointment in love. These extracts are all made by hand by artisan distillers.


Colloidal silver: The silver extract acts as a preservative, but the higher-than-typical percentage (we are using 10%) used renders it an active ingredient. We like the broadly antimicrobial yet nondrying qualities of colloidal silver, which we find powerful for acne, rosacea, and perioral dermatitis tendencies. Silver is also cooling and improves surface circulation.


This extract from wildcrafted U.S. Japanese knotweed is a powerful antioxidant, and it also reduces inflammation, prevents collagen loss, and decreases hyperpigmentation. Japanese knotweed is an example of an invasive plant, nonnative to the U.S., that turned out to be medicinal. Hence, it can be grown with ease or harvested in the wild without threat (and in fact with benefit) to the ecosystems, and then extracted and put to good use by herbalists or skincare formulators for its health-enhancing benefits. There are more and more studies being conducted to explore the wide range of benefits this plant offers; one of its current internal uses by naturopaths and integrative medicine doctors is for the treatment of Lyme disease and its co-infections.

Full Ingredients List

Rosa damascena (Turkey) water/aqua, Rosa damascena (Iran) water/aqua, Aloe barbadensis juice*, colloidal silver, ferulic acid, resveratrol, brandy, Rosa woodsii (Wood’s rose) flower essence†. *Certified organic. †Responsibly wildcrafted. Certified cruelty free, vegan, handcrafted, small batch. Gluten free

How to use it

Morning & Night

Mist over freshly cleansed skin morning and night, then follow with your moisturizer of choice. If you would like to attune to the vibrational healing elements from the wild rose flower essence.

Ava's Tips

Spray above your head 3 to 4 times a day and meditate for a moment, if time allows. Shake periodically to remix.

Jazmin's Tip's

"I am in love with all these healing ingredients for my skin."

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