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Sweet Dreams

Sleepy-time blend of herbs swirled together with tasty glycerine to provide bedside support.

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Sweet Dreams is a sleepy-time blend of herbs swirled together with tasty glycerine to provide bedside support for all those restless nights. Guaranteed to have you blissfully dreaming in no time. This potion is a bit more gentle than your usual valerian fare, and won’t leave you hungover. Take a few drops before bed, and be off to your sweet dreams.

Sweet Dreams are made of valerian and skullcap. Herbs to swirl you to sleep and rock away occasional restless nights. This potion is gentle and won’t leave you feeling groggy in the morning.

2oz bottle

Cautions: Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant or taking sedatives. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 

The ingredients that make a difference


Valerian is the root of a tall, pink-flowered plant, known famously for it’s sleep-inducing qualities. It is a mild sedative that calms the mind and provides relief for occasional sleeplessness. Some say it’s roots stink, but coated in sugary glycerine they taste sweet as pie. Our valerian comes from an organic farm in Vermont.


Skullcap is native to temperate woodlands of the world. It’s a fantastic calming nervine and also acts as a nerve tonic, supporting the nervous system as an ally over time. Ours comes from a beautiful certified organic farm in Oregon.


Passionflower is an excellent ally to the person who can't shut their mind off.

Full Ingredients List

Organic Passionflower herb extract, Organic Skullcap herb extract, Organic Valerian root extract, Organic English lavender flower extract, Organic Flax-derived Glycerine, Water.

How to use it

Morning & Night

Add a dropperful to still or sparkling water, juice, tea, smoothies, cocktails and mocktails to instantly make any beverage plant-powered.

Lauren's Tips

Suggested use: Take 50 drops (2.5 ml) 15 minutes before bedtime.

Jazmin's Tips

"I cannot live without this tincture, it helps me fall asleep AND stay asleep. It tastes really good too"