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Nettle Tea

Mineral rich whole leaf tea.

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Nettle Tea is one of the best nutritional supplements there is. Many herbalists believe that it is better to drink nettle tea regularly than to invest in any vitamin and mineral tablets or capsules.

Nettle tea is used by Western herbalists to improve the body’s nutrient levels, especially the levels of minerals including calcium, iron, potassium, and silica. In addition to its use as a dietary supplement, it is also recommended for reducing chronic joint pain.

With a single herb that is not enclosed in a capsule or a tea bag. You are able to evaluate the freshness and vibrancy of your supplement. You can choose a supply from the most recent harvest (it would be much harder to learn the harvest of your herbs in encapsulated nettles).


An invigorating green-bitter flavor reminiscent of mint.

These nettles are cultivated on a small woman-run organic farm in Idaho. This farm grows several herbs  and dries them, preserving the whole leaves. Earthwise Beauty receives fresh shipments about a week after the herbs were picked, and are stored  away from moisture and light exposure. Nettle tea is caffeine-free.

The ingredients that make a difference


Leaves of wildcrafted or organically cultivated Urtica dioica (stinging nettles). Gluten free. Caffeine free.

How to use it

Morning & Night

Take a few leaves or more and place inside a teapot, tea mug, or French press. Brew using filtered, freshly boiled water. Steep, covered, for 10–15 minutes, then strain. Add honey or agave nectar if desired.

Ava's Tips

Eastern European herbalists particularly recommend nettles to treat hair loss and to encourage stronger, healthier, and more abundant hair. The brewed, strained tea is also an excellent hair and scalp rinse.

Jazmin's Tip's

"I love the light herbal flavor of this tea."