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Mushroom Cocoa

Functional drinking chocolate


Mushroom Chocolate is Hot chocolate and medicinal mushrooms, what’s not to like? Nourish yourself deeply by drinking this as a daily morning tonic. The medicinal mushrooms used in Mushroom Chocolate are all cultivated in upstate New York. Never wildcrafted, and are thoroughly extracted via a long decoction before being powdered. This makes them super bioavailable and ready to give hugs on a cellular level. 

Sip the magic.

A groovy mix of medicinal mushrooms can be found in Mushroom Cocoa. After a thorough extraction process, our spore-bearing fruits and mycelium are transformed into powder and mixed with raw full-fat cacao, mesquite, and vanilla. The mushroom’s long simmer extraction enhances bio-availability and clears the haze on a cellular level. Stir, sip, and prepare for clarity.


(All medicinal mushroom descriptions here barely scratch the surface. Research these mushrooms to have your mind blown!)

 8 oz. /32 servings

The ingredients that make a difference


Chaga is an adaptogenic medicinal mushroom that tastes amazing, deep and earthy and smoky.


Cordyceps is an adaptogenic medicinal mushroom with an affinity for the lungs. It also helps bring more oxygen into the body, and is used a lot for athletes.


Lion’s mane is an adaptogenic medicinal mushroom with an affinity for the brain and nervous system

Full Ingredients List

Organic Cordyceps mycelium and fruiting body, Organic Reishi fruiting body, Organic Lion’s mane fruiting body, Organic Chaga fruiting body, Organic Astragalus root, Organic Cacao bean, Organic Mesquite pod, Organic Coconut cream, Organic Vanilla bean, Organic Tapioca maltodextrin.

How to use it

Morning & Night

Whisk 1 tablespoon into hot water or milk of choice. Sweeten as desired. You can also add to smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt bowls, or ice cream.

What people are saying

Whisk 1 tablespoon into 8 ounces of warm milk or hot water, 2 to 3 times daily. Sweeten to taste.

Jazmin's Tip's

"Absolutely love the rich flavor and that it's healthy, too."