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Goldenrod Tea

Kidney-balancing, whole flower loose tea.

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Goldenrod Tea is a beautiful, hand-gathered tea of truly unprecedented quality. The stunningly gorgeous whole flower heads are collected in remote meadows in the Pacific Northwest during the early stage of blooming: late in the summer. The flower stems are then dried whole in the shade, and the flower heads are trimmed.

We suggest brewing one flower head at a time, ideally in a larger clear teapot, to savor the beautiful, unfurling, and brightening of each flower as it brews.

Although it is an effective medicinal herb with a wide range of benefits for the kidneys, urinary tract system, and more, Goldenrod Tea can be used safely without supervision by an herbalist or naturopath. The brewed tea has a sunny, mellow flavor and is caffeine-free.


Sunny-floral, a touch sweet, mellow


Washington, United States

The ingredients that make a difference


Wildcrafted Solidago canadensis (Canada goldenrod)

How to use it

Morning & Night

Take a whole flower head, or a section, and place inside a teapot, tea mug, or French press. Brew using filtered, freshly boiled water. Steep, covered, for 10 to 15 minutes, then strain.

Ava's Tips

The same herbs may be brewed a second time.

Jazmin's Tips

"Comes packaged in clear, biodegradable bags made from cellulose."