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White Géranium Toner


White Géranium Toner is a calming and nourishing organic toner that balances skin irritation and pH, reduces wrinkles, and promotes healthy cell growth, for a beautiful complexion.

This soothing blend of organic ingredients with antimicrobial properties stimulates blood flow and controls sebum production, making it useful for both dry and oily, acne- or rosacea-prone skin.


We recommend a few sprays of White Géranium Toner before applying the Rose Serum

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The Brand

Throughout over 20 years as a makeup artist for the fashion industry, Marie-Josée developed an intimate knowledge of complexion and skin. Working daily with models for runway shows and editorial shoots, she noticed over time that many of the synthetic-heavy skincare regimens they—and she— were following, were doing more harm than good. Looking back to the simple yet effective beauty routines of her grandmother ~after whom Odièle is named~ it occurred to Marie-Josée that when it comes to skin, perhaps less is more. Backing up her experience in beauty with four years of research and testing within the fashion community, Marie-Josée chose to leave behind traditional pharmaceutical skincare, and put her trust back in nature. Odièle was developed through an ongoing collaboration with the models she works with, resulting in a fully organic skincare line that is innovative, unique, and highly effective. Using meticulously selected, ultra-rich active botanicals from around the world, Odièle is the future of hydration.

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*Pelargonium spp. (Rose Geranium) Hydrosol, *Lavandula (Lavender) Essential Oil, * A. Barbadensis (Aloe vera), *Citrus paridisi (Grapefruit) Essential Oil, *Citrus Cinesis (Sweet Orange) Essential Oil, *Cymbopogon martinii (Palma Rosa) Essential Oil, *Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Essential Oil, + Linalool, +Limonene , +Alpha Pinene, +Citronellal, +Geranial, +Sabinene, +Myrcene, and +Neral.
*Certified Organic / ** Wild Harvested / +Component of Essential Oil


Customer Reviews

  1. Aurelie J.

    My skin is so sensitive that even sensitive skin products turn it red! But Odièle’s White Geranium Toner really appeases it. I can immediately feel its calming effect whenever I feel my skin being reactive. It cools it down and makes me feel refreshed — I love it!

  2. Zoe Parker

    My office is super dry, so this is my go-to for extra hydration. I use it throughout the day. It makes me look refreshed.

  3. Hannah K

    I love using this toner in the morning before applying my moisturizer. It keeps my skin hydrated. I use it throughout the day to refresh. It works well over my foundation since the mist is very light. Slightly above my budget but worth every penny. And after all, I’m worth it!

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