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The Discovery Kit


The Discovery Kit includes mini versions of your favorite curl range.

For the discovering babe. The travelling babe. The gift hunting babe. And for the babe who likes to keep her options open.

Totally plant derived and never tested on bunnies.

Sulfate free

 Cruelty free


 Fragranced with pure essential oils.



For babes who want clean curls without compromising on moisture. Made with natural ingredients like baobab oil, coconut oil, cupuaçu butter and yucca plant extract.

Totally plant derived and never tested on bunnies.


Slick on. Moisture in.
Release the tension. Smoothen it out.
Because life is too short to worry about dry curls.
Made with baobab oil and cupuaçu butter to keep your curls as soft as a babes bum.

As a deeper treatment: Leave in hair for longer. Turn the music up. Sing along. Steam up the bathroom and let the steam work its magic in your hair.

As a co-wash: Use just like you would a shampoo. Massage through hair and scalp and rinse.


The secret to amazing curls? Me of course. Made with baobab oil, cocolove – aka coconut oil – and shea butter, I’ll keep moisture on lock and your curls poppin’ like pink champagne.


Perfectly defined curls. Every. Damn. Day. Gelled with natural gum and enriched with baobab and coconut oil.




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The Brand

Holy curls is London born. Raised on big dreams and inspiring curls the world over. inclusive by nature. Open to everything, but true to themselves. They tell stories worth sharing - love stories, soul stories, real stories, because life is more than just hair. They vibe best in nature, so naturally, they use ingredients that are natural or naturally derived and never tested on bunnies. They don’t use nasty chemicals because, obviously, you’re too good for that. Their commitment goes beyond a one time thing, so they only use ingredients that groove well with curls. Holy Curls keep it real and tell it like it is because, really, what else is there? We believe that beauty is achieved inside out and that bad hair days is a part of life. We believe that breathing makes things better and that stretching is good for the soul. We applaud rebelliousness. We encourage curiosity. We thrive in community; girls sharing stories and inspiring each other, that’s what it’s all about. We’re on a mission and the mission is simple: undoing the myths of the curl. Untwirling it and showing the curl for what it truly is. Resilient, rebellious and pretty damn cool.

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