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Mountain Black Tea by Earthwise Beauty are advocates for replacing coffee with a healthy alternative: caffeinated tea. So they began their search for a higher-caffeine, traditionally handcrafted black tea. Some of the world’s top black teas come from the Yunnan province in China. Chinese teas can be made from tea trees that are cultivated or wild, and each approach has its advantages and a different impact on the flavor. They were very intrigued when their Chinese tea purveyor presented a Yunnan black tea  that is made solely from tea leaves collected from ancient wild trees all growing on one mountain, the Jingmai. The trees are said to be at least 500 years old.

This single-origin approach produces a tea that is truly unique, based on the microclimate on that mountain and on the traditional processing technique of the region. It is a whole leaf tea made from large, mature leaves. The Jingmai tea’s flavor is exceptionally rich and malty. It is wonderful when brewed strong and served with milk and honey, or can be brewed weaker and still make for a delicious beverage.

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Our small-batch, organic skin care is based on alive, unrefined, plant-based ingredients. We want to guide you in how to protect the “aliveness,” the life force contained within. If an herb remains fully potent for a year from the moment of harvesting and drying, a skin care product made using that herb extracted in water or included in a mask will remain fresh for about six months. Our products are properly and adequately preserved with high-end natural cosmetic preservatives, but they are not overloaded with the preservatives. We want your products to be safe, but if we used higher percentages of preservatives (like those needed to obtain a shelf life of two to four years), the products might be drying, irritating, harsh, or sensitizing for some customers. Additionally, many plant constituents can’t express their adaptogenic intelligence and full range of healing action if they are subdued with high percentages of antimicrobials.

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Whole large leaves of Camellia sinensis from tea trees over 500 years old. Fermented 80–85%.