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MFLORENS No. 1 is a revitalizing mask for scalp and hair.

An all-natural, whole blend of nutrient-rich, active plant, flower, nut and essential botanical oils that will penetrate to the dermal layers of the scalp to intensely exfoliate, detoxify and cleanse for optimal cellular function and regeneration.  This anti-aging mask is specifically formulated to purge and purify toxic buildup, microbial growth and damage from cell to strand to reveal rejuvenated, healthier scalp & hair.

By eliminating hindrances to your cells vitality, it helps to repair, nourish, hydrate and strengthen.  Hair will appear fuller, shinier, hydrated and conditioned with consistent weekly use.

MFLORENS No. 1 is formulated through a proprietary blend and process, using all-natural, vegan ingredients, which are sourced globally for their quality, purity and therapeutic properties.  The oils are sourced to be steam distilled, cold pressed, cold processed, unrefined/virgin and/or organic to maintain maximum benefits.

Suitable for all scalp & hair types, including color-treated hair and expecting mothers.


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The Brand

Conceived in Paris, perfected in London and born in Los Angeles—M F L O R E N S’ origins lie in the transformation of despair and trauma over hair loss and alopecia areata to love, a deep understanding of nature’s remedies, and an unwavering dedication to methodology and excellence. M F L O R E N S was founded with a singular goal in mind: to create iconic scalp and hair care that delivers unrivaled design, quality, multi-pronged performance and universal efficacy. Its corollary is to redefine the conversation about scalp and hair care. Much of what passes for hair care is merely hair styling. Actual, proper hair care is first and foremost scalp care, which is effectively skincare. The objective was to formulate an active botanical scalp & hair mask of the finest quality to meet the universal cellular needs of your scalp, i.e. skin, and hair. The creator investigated widely to source organic, cold-pressed, cold-processed, steam-distilled, virgin or unrefined and minimally processed ingredients—to preserve the maximum extent of therapeutic and rejuvenating properties. Using a proprietary process, M F L O R E N S methodically harness and deploy the concentrated benefits of all-natural plants, nuts, seeds and flowers to infuse powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, detoxifying, exfoliating, stimulating and nutritive elements directly into your scalp, skin and hair. True to the name—M F L O R E N S— aims to help men and women of all ages develop a luxuriously minimal hair-care routine using an active botanical scalp & hair mask crafted to repair, restore, revitalize and nourish your scalp and hair to optimal health. Results will continually grow with each use. M F L O R E N S believes that self-care is the highest form of self-respect—and a cared for, happy head uplifts.

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Castor Seed, Sesame Seed, Baobab, French Lavender, Eucalyptus, Evening Primrose, Peppermint, Himalaya Cedar wood, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang, Bulgarian Rose.


Customer Reviews

  1. Anna

    I LOVE this product…best kept secret in hair care!! I apply it to the tips of my fingers and massage it onto my scalp and it has transformed my hair. I was losing a lot of hair – in fact – I was balding in certain parts and after using this product (I actually do every other day just cause it gives my hair volume when I apply directly to scalp too!) for a few weeks I have NEW hair growth! I highly recommend it – solid product.

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