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Goldenrod Tea


Goldenrod Tea is a beautiful hand-gathered tea is of a truly unprecedented quality. The stunningly gorgeous whole flower heads are collected in remote meadows in the Pacific Northwest during the early stage of blooming, late in the summer. The flower stems are dried whole in the shade, then the flower heads are trimmed.

We suggest brewing one flower head at a time, ideally in a larger, clear teapot, to savor the beautiful unfurling and brightening of each flower as it brews. Although it is an effective medicinal herb with a wide range of benefits for the kidneys, urinary tract system, and more. Goldenrod tea can be used safely without supervision by an herbalist or naturopath. The brewed tea has a sunny, mellow flavor and is caffeine-free.

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Our small-batch, organic skin care is based on alive, unrefined, plant-based ingredients. We want to guide you in how to protect the “aliveness,” the life force contained within. If an herb remains fully potent for a year from the moment of harvesting and drying, a skin care product made using that herb extracted in water or included in a mask will remain fresh for about six months. Our products are properly and adequately preserved with high-end natural cosmetic preservatives, but they are not overloaded with the preservatives. We want your products to be safe, but if we used higher percentages of preservatives (like those needed to obtain a shelf life of two to four years), the products might be drying, irritating, harsh, or sensitizing for some customers. Additionally, many plant constituents can’t express their adaptogenic intelligence and full range of healing action if they are subdued with high percentages of antimicrobials.

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Flowering heads of wildcrafted Solidago canadensis (Canada goldenrod).