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Dragon’s Well Green Tea


Dragon’s Well Green Tea is nothing less than the world-renowned, authentic Long Jing from a village near Hangzhou, China. This is the premium, first spring picking (before the Qing Ming Festival), and the picking standard is one bud and two leaves. The tea is laboriously hand-harvested and hand-processed using centuries-old local, artisanal techniques. It is a loose whole leaf and bud tea (the leaves are not ripped, chopped, or powdered). No pesticides were used on this tea.

The photos here are not of just any green tea farm, but of the farm this tea comes from. Just like with the chrysanthemum tea, Earthwise Beauty Founder sent her in-laws to find a truly great quality Dragon’s Well Green Tea. The family traveled to the farm personally, translated pages of questions, obtained satisfactory answers, and bought the first batch of tea. And they took these breathtaking photos.

Quality tea is brewed many times in China, not just once. That is because the tea leaves are so full of flavor, and also out of respect for the specialness of the tea and its artisanal production. We recommend brewing Long Jing tea up to four times. It is so easy to brew: just sprinkle a few leaves into a cup or mug and brew for a minute or two. The whole leaves stay intact and eventually settle toward the bottom, so the tea can be enjoyed unstrained.


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