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Charcoal Floss is infused with super-fine grade activated charcoal. This mildly abrasive and natural ingredient is exceptionally good at getting out that gnarly stuff between your teeth. Plus, it draws out and absorbs impurities for a whiter, brighter smile. All that in a cool, recyclable glass container. You might not want to hide this guy in a cabinet.



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PRNCPLS is a set of daily essentials designed to help you achieve harmony and balance with the world around you. We ​believe in empowering and inspiring creativity through positive messaging, a focus on design and aesthetics, using only the highest quality, natural ingredients, and through regular artist collaborations. ​PRNCPLS current offering is Charcoal Peppermint Toothpaste, Charcoal Floss, and a Three Piece Oral Care Kit. PRNCPLS is ultra-clean! No Flouride. No Sulfates. We only use plant and mineral based ingredients to help you clean your teeth. Activated Charcoal polishes teeth and draws out impurities so they appear whiter. Calcium carbonate, a clean mineral, helps remove plaque and stains; antibacterial peppermint, wild mint, tea tree and other essential oils help to freshen breath. Clean Body / Clean Mind!

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Made from an activated charcoal infused nylon with a beeswax coating


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