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Ceremony Perfume is an ode to the creators years spent learning from the wisest of plant medicines… In honor of the past, this ceremony perfume was created to memorialize the experience of a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony. The memory of the scents from ceremony were healing and grounding with earthy warmth and depth. The creator was obsessed with capturing the experience and bottling it into a perfume. With the highest of gratitude, this manifestation has finally landed, completing a full circle.

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The Brand

La Tierra Sagrada (the sacred earth) is a holistic hair care line comprised of all natural, highly sourced ingredients. It originated from a passion to enrich the hair through sacred plant medicines, to encourage self care, and to share knowledge and experience. Hairstylist Stefani Padilla, creator of La Tierra Sagrada, inspires us to create intentional ritual around our hair care. A ritual is defined as an intentional ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed to a prescribed order. To assist in these rituals, she offers a beauty line formulated with sacred ingredients and plant medicine designed to nurture and restore hair to its healthiest natural state.

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Palo Santo – Traditionally used in ceremony to clear out negative energies.

Vetiver – To recreate the smoky scent of Mapacho, a traditional Amazonian

Tobacco – used for protection in ceremony.

Bergamot – A light scent to replace the traditional Florida Water, used to cleanse and cure in ceremonies.