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BUTTER Elixir Bhakti is for yogis at heart. In Sanskrit “Bhakti” means devotion to oneself or something higher. The romantic quality of Jasmine paired with the deep notes of Sandalwood and Myrrh blends in to a dynamic rich silky texture interweaving the earthy, smokey, and sweet scent of a southern indian summer night.

This oil is supernatural, preservatives free and minimally processed please use within 6-8 months. For maximum vibrance store in a cool dark place.  Containers are made of post consumer recycled materials BPA free 100% recyclable.
Please recycle.

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The Brand

Our mantra is “nature is potent“, we honor the human body, the tangible Divine in expression. Our life is practice, devotion to nature, attention to details, self care and respect. Creating one beautiful product at the time we are on a mission to nourish and nurture in the most simple way by using the highest performing ingredients nature has to offer. We are devoted to providing unisex skin care products that are a sophisticated gift for all the senses. In both look and feel, BUTTERelixir transcends. BUTTERelixir is for all.

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Virgin Organic Sesame oil, Jasmine, Mysore Sandalwood and Myrrh Pure essential oils. 4fl.oz/118ml.