National Wellness Month

August 5 - 2019

August is National Wellness Month so we rounded up some easy and practical ways to boost your overall health and wellness.  You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to improve your well being and we believe that wellness should be accessible to everyone at any time.  So try out 1 or all 30 and challenge yourself by committing to your wellness practice everyday. PS: it only takes 21 days for an action to begin developing into a habit so turning National Wellness Month into a lifestyle is easier than you think.


  • Drink more water and add lemon and/or limes every time

  • Try grounding- Walk around barefoot in nature

  • Stretch for at least 5 minutes per day (Upon rising and before sleep)

  • Sweat it out (Steam room, sauna, working out)

  • Walk more and sit less

  • Go to bed one hour earlier than you’re used to

  • Meditate for 10 minutes per day

  • Spend time with animals and children

  • Cook at home more; and eat out less often

  • Give yourself a relaxing head massage

  • Wear sun protection everyday 365/year

  • Make your annual doctor visit appointments in advance and take control of your health

  • Practice daily self breast examinations

  • Break up with refined sugar

  • Set your intentions by writing them down in a journal

  • Make self care a priority by committing to 1 ritual per week that’s just for you 

  • Go 24 hours without an electronic device

  • Laugh with abandon

  • Speak kindly to yourself

  • Don’t touch your face

  • Practice daily gratitude

  • Eat slower and with intention

  • Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

  • Cut back on alcohol and cigarettes

  • Create time for uninterrupted time with loved ones

  • Change your pillowcase at least twice per week

  • Do Meatless Mondays every week

  • Try deep breathing exercises to reduce anxiety

  • Surround yourself in nature

  • Try intermittent fasting




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