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Balance My Stress

An herbal blend that protects against stress, decreases fatigue, and boosts feelings of overall well-being.

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Balance My Stress is an herbal blend that protects against stress, decreases fatigue, and boosts feelings of overall well-being. Super mushrooms, phytonutrient-dense herbs, and adaptogenic plants are carefully crafted to help you attain inner bliss.

A chocolate-y herbal blend packed with potent herbs and mushrooms to support a sense of calm and well-being without a prescription.


-Protection against free radicals (antioxidant)

- Stress banisher

- Increases verbal fluency

- Immune system protector + anti-inflammatory

- Anti-fatigue



The ingredients that make a difference


Reishi is an ethereal yellow-red mushroom that has been used as a medicine for over two thousand years. It both regulates and restores the body to homeostasis as well as relieves one from stress


Also known as Siberian Ginseng, this adaptogen is the “king” of them all. There are more published studies on Eleuthero Root than any other herb (wow!). This superherb decreases fatigue by increasing your work and exercise capacity without the “crash” that comes with a morning cup of coffee. With this herb, you’ll also recover faster from acute stress and intense workouts


The perfect adaptogen for when you’re burning the flame on both ends of the candle, Ashwagandha is the ultimate protector against stress. Say goodbye to stress induced weight gain and say hello to this free radical scavenging antioxidant

Full Ingredients List

Organic Red Reishi Mushroom Powder, Organic Cocoa Powder, Organic Eleuthero Root Powder, Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder

How to use it

Morning & Night

Add 1 tsp into a warm nut milk latte, water, your favorite morning smoothie, or tea. Sip and enjoy!

Nadine's Tip's

Managing the stress that comes with tight work deadlines, navigating through a crowded to-do list with ease, or keeping a cool head in stressful situations.

Jazmin's Tip's

"I love the caramel-y chocolate taste and feeling of calm when sipping this blend."

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