How to win the battle of the blemish

How to win the battle of the blemish

Acne flare ups can throw off and otherwise beautiful day for anyone. You know that feeling, just when you're feeling great about your skin, it's even and happy and then from out of nowhere, BOOM a bumpy monster appears just in time to keep your ego in check! I know many people can relate to this. I personally went several months without a single flare up (miracle really) and then suddenly I was cursed with a constellation of pimples along my left jaw line! I know exactly why it happened too (hello hormonal stress). There are several things can cause acne flare ups. Continue reading below to learn about the different types of acne as well as what to do to prevent them and treat them and ultimately How to win the battle of the blemish Acne Types:

  • White heads: Typically small with a white top on the surface of reddish bump
  • Yellow Heads: Typically small with an oozy yellowish top on the surface of reddish bump
  • Pimples: Pimples also known as pustules have a defined circular center filled with pus. They appear as larger and more inflamed versions of white heads.
  • Nodules: These are inflamed blemishes that can either be singular or form in clusters. They are typically red and swollen and sometimes warm to the touch. There is no head.
  • Cysts: One of the more severe types of acne that usually don’t come to a surface head. They tend to be hard and tender to the touch and can use permanent scarring if not treated properly. Cysts have no visible head or center.
How to prevent acne: -Keep your hands off your face -Drink plenty of water daily -Reduce stress levels -Change your pillowcase frequently. At least 1-2 times per week -Never sleep with makeup on and always wash your face thoroughly before bed with mild cleanser and lukewarm water. -If you use a lot of hair products, wear styles that don’t fall onto the face easily -Use skincare products that are gentle that won’t aggravate the skin. -Eat a clean balanced diet rich in zinc and vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids. -Exercise regularly will help circulation in the body and lowers cortisol levels which can prevent flare ups -Go lighter on skin care and makeup products especially in humid/warmer climates How to treat each type of acne :
  • White Heads/Yellow heads/Pimples:
Cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser that won’t dry out the skin. After cleansing take a clean warm wet washcloth and apply to the affected area(s) until the white head /yellow head emerges on it own. Never squeeze or pick as that can introduce more bacteria and cause additional inflammation, scarring and delayed healing time. You may also use a clay based or sulphur based facial mask and leave on for 15-20 minutes that will help to draw out the impurities and kill bacteria. After cleansing/masking use a toner with witch hazel and gently blot on and around the affected area. Finally use a clarifying elixir or oil. Should clear up in a couple of days or even overnight in some cases. You can also dab a tiny bit of tea tree essential oil or frankincense essential oil to the area. You can apply more during the day as well using a sterile cotton swab if needed. Be sure you are using a gentle touch and aren't aggressive with treating your acne as that can make it worse and delay healing as well. I cannot stress this last part enough.
  • Nodules/cysts:

Nodules and cysts should not be treated at home. With severe cases as these, a dermatologist can administer treatment including cortisone shots, topical steroids, or antibiotics. Chemical peels have also been used as a treatment for these types of acne but you must be sure to receive this from a skilled aesthetician or dermatologist…Do not attempt this on your own as you can make it worse and case darkening of the skin that can become permanent.

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