How To Transition Your Beauty For Spring

How To Transition Your Beauty For Spring

April showers may bring May flowers and while we are excited for warmer weather, what’s even more exciting than getting to update our beauty game? ( As if you needed an excuse). If you followed our tips for gorgeous Winter skin, then half the work is already done. You’re welcome:)

Go lighter: While Winter moisture is meant to be layered, Spring skin doesn’t require as much since the air isn’t as harsh and cold. Swap your emollient rich moisturizer with a lighter serum and/or facial oil for a fresh dewy complexion. We Recommend: Kahina giving beauty prickly pear seed oil or Aknari brightening youth serum by Mūn

Lay off the high heat hair tools: Now that it’s getting warmer, try embracing whatever your hair texture wants to do. But remember to keep it hydrated because the sun can be just as damaging and drying as the frigid winter air. We recommend: The Rescue Oil by Khali Min

Protect your skin: This is a rule, not a suggestion; especially those who have fairer skin (although skin cancer doesn’t discriminate) everyone needs a layer of protection from UVA + UVB. We Recommend: Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day cream SPF 30

Exfoliate those lips!: There is nothing worse than applying your favorite lipstick only for it to really highlight leftover dry, cracked flaky lip skin. We recommend: Henne Organics Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator

Switch up your body cleanser to something lighter: I love how my skin feels when its been gently cleansed and not stripped but still feels really clean. That’s exactly how we all want to feel during the Spring and throughout the Summer. We recommend: Earth tu Face Shower Gel

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