Palermo Body

Rose Geranium + Mandarin Soap

Works wonders for skin that’s anywhere between normal, dry, and maturing.



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Balancing floral, earthy, rose geranium balances skin tone and eases tension. Rich in Vitamin C, rosehip has anti-oxidant properties and aids in improving skin elasticity. This bar is ideal for normal, sensitive, or dry skin.

This soap is another very gentle soap. The Rose Geranium + Mandarin Soap helps to balance your skin tone while rosehip helps with elasticity. All of which do wonders for skin that’s anywhere between normal, dry, and maturing. Plus the scent is a dreamy floral aroma with hints of earthiness that’ll make you feel like you’re laying in a bed of roses. So count us in!

Not only do Palermo Body soaps make for great shower companions—but did you know their soaps were also formulated to be facial bars as well? We know, we know—using soap bars on your face seems like such a skincare faux pas, but these soaps are far from those “ocean scented” soaps your brother used to use in high school. These soaps , made with gentle, all-natural, skin loving ingredients that leave your skin feeling fresh and clean, but never tight and dry

4 oz / 113 g bar of healing balance soap


Editors Note: We love using the Balancing Rose Toner after cleansing

The ingredients that make a difference


Shea butter is emollient. As an emollient, shea butter helps trap moisture in the skin.


Rosehip powder stimulates collagen production and helps With anti-aging. Treats Inflammation and soothes redness. Brightens, heals and moisturizes Skin. Combats UV damage and dark spots.


Mandarin oil renews the complexion and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

Full Ingredients List

saponified olive, coconut*, sustainable palm*, and castor oils; shea butter*, rosehip powder*, rose geranium oil, mandarin oil *organic

How to use it

Morning & Night

Lather with water to naturally cleanse face, hands, and body.

Jessica's Tips

Helps to heal and balance the skin.

Complete your routine


Cleansing Balm

Earthwise Beauty

Jazmin's Tips

" I like to use this soap on my body in the Winter when my skin is the driest."

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