Leona Dondi

The idea for UZIMA was solidified during a business trip to Korea. While there, Leona noticed how much importance the culture placed on caring for the face and skin. Leona decided she wanted to do the same for hair and set on her journey to creating “ skincare for hair”. Inspired by her Kenyan roots, UZIMA empowers us to take care of our hair and scalp, focusing on a healthy scalp and hair strands. With a strong focus on textured hair types - specifically kinky, coily and curly.

The UZIMA collection launched in February 2023 and because it was initially created to solve a personal problem for its Founder, the brand is deeply rooted in integrity and research. Featuring clinically proven botanical and biotechnology ingredients with a special focus on the scalp microbiome, UZIMA was designed to provide high-quality, safe and effective hair care products to the consumer. Leona is revolutionizing the way women approach, nourish, understand, and care for all hair and scalp, one product at a time.

Brand: Uzima