Mela Vitamins

Ashley Harmon

"I spent years struggling with chronic fatigue, skin breakouts, and digestive problems until I was diagnosed with PCOS and Vitamin D deficiency. I tried dozens of multivitamins but they were either too expansive or didn't work. So I spent the next decade researching, testing different ingredients and creating my own supplements. During this process I learned that melanin impacts how we absorb certain nutrients especially Vitamin D. It is estimated that 80% of us are Vitamin D deficient , which can increase our health risks/issues. Other multivitamins are not formulated for melanated people, and do not include the levels of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need. This is what inspired me to create Mela Vitamins and the first multivitamin for melanated women. We will always prioritize your wellness."

Brand: Mela Vitamins