Introducing: APHORISM-Exclusively at Pretty Well Beauty

It's not everyday one stumbles across something truly remarkable. However upon discovering the incredible collection of organic and 100% plant based skin care line Aphorism, we were hooked! We are proud and excited to announce that PWB is the exclusive retailer for Aphorism. Not only are the products beautiful and effective but the story behind the brand and its founder really resonated with us. 

The brand was founded and created by Urvashi Singh; who after being diagnosed with a rare cancer, was inspired to take a closer look at the link between chemicals in her beauty products and how they relate to the health. Certified in nutrition and advanced organic skincare formulations (as well as Wharton School of Business where she earned an MBA) to say this woman is brilliant would be an understatement.

She's not only brave but she's an advocate who has created something that has proven to help so many other people who want to take control of their health through the simple and relatable task of simply caring for their skin. Aphorism's city collection includes Bright as Day, Clear Sailing, Night is Young, and Rub of the Green. Each product is formulated for different skin types and with the 'on the go' city girl in mind.

So we at PWB are honored and delighted to have Aphorism as part of our growing clean beauty family and we hope you will continue to follow us on this journey.

xoxo PWB Team

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