How to repair heat damaged hair

6 Steps to Repair Heat Damaged Hair

How to repair heat damaged hair

So you’ve done it: you’ve successfully changed up your look! You decided to use quarantine to experiment, try out new things, and now you have a hairstyle you’re in love with. It’s super cute and came out exactly the way you wanted it to, but once it’s time to wash it, you take another look in the mirror and notice something is off. Your hair looks and feels very different; it’s knotted, rough/stringy, and you have split ends everywhere. These are just some of the tell-tale signs of heat damaged hair.


Though using heat styling tools is an everyday thing for some of us, the truth is they dry out our hair cuticles and change the structure of hair proteins. The effects of heat damage can be jarring, often resulting in chunk after chunk of your beautiful mane breaking off. So, what do you do now? Don’t worry; the damage isn’t permanent. Here are a few sure-fire ways to repair what’s already been done:


6 Steps to Repair Heat Damaged Hair

  • LAY OFF THE HEAT - It may seem obvious, but the first step is to stay away from any and all heat styling tools. We recommend doing so for a minimum of three months to give your locks a break from all the heat. After that, if you do decide to use blow dryers, curling irons, or flat irons again, do so on a lower setting, keep the dryer at least five inches away from the surface of your hair, and be sure to use a heat protectant before using your tools. Investing in higher quality tools, if you can, will also help. 
  • GET YOUR STRENGTH BACK -  Protein treatments are formulated to strengthen and create a layer of protection for our hair, filling in any gaps within its follicles. Only apply them every four to six weeks, though, to avoid protein overload (yes, it is a very real thing), or have one done in-between your regular three month trims at a salon.

  • (Try the Hydrating Hair Mask by Nuele to experience the protein-rich nutrients of the Moringa leaf)

  • GLOSS IT UP - Are your tresses not as shiny as they used to be? Another sign of heat damage is dullness. Leave-in treatments are a great way to restore bonds and bring back the lustre and shine. Look for such ingredients as yogurt, honey, and olive oil on the label - or mix all three with your favorite treatment/conditioning spray - to get the most benefits.

  • (Leave La Tierra Sagrada’s Treatment in before shampooing)

  • HYDRATE YOUR HAIR - As mentioned above, using excessive amounts of heat leaves strands without the hydration it needs. This means it is crucial to begin restoring moisture at every step of the process, including before you use shampoo. Consider introducing a pre-cleanse to your routine or installing a water softener shower head. These will not only protect your hair from hard water damage, but make it less prone to breakage and less difficult for moisture to escape the hair shaft as well.

  • (Try Back To Your Roots Scalp + Prewash by SHAZ & KIKS

  • GET A HAIRCUT - If you discover these at-home remedies just aren’t cutting it, you may need a professional appointment. Talk it over with your stylist and decide just how much hair they’d need to trim to get rid of split ends. A stylist can also help you manage it better moving forward by doing the hard work for you. Remember: you are not your hair. No matter how much is trimmed, with enough time, your hair will grow back stronger than before!

  • STOP MANIPULATING - Finally, keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible. This, too, can cause breakage, so be patient and do less, not more. 

  • And finally, just remember, when your hair is in a healthy state, it's going to look incredible no matter the length, style/cut or color.  This is the crown that never comes off so treat it well and never sacrifice a style or trend over the health and longevity of your hair.   Heat damaged hair does not have to be your destiny with these steps you can easily incorporate into your hair care routine.



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