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Catharsis Face Mask

Removes impurities, provides a strong detox, and skin brightening effect


Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES

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Catharsis Face Mask is an innovative take on the powder-form face mask. It is a healing, hydrating, firming, and invigorating powerhouse blend of just active ingredients. Finely milled herbs and green algae. From the first application, you can expect ultra-clean, breathing skin that is moisturized and energized, yet with its natural protective barrier preserved. 


Aloe leaves (containing naturally active skin-damage-correcting vitamin C), gently dried and ground into a fine powder, are this mask's moisturizing base. The aloe particles are like miniature sponges, waiting to become transformed by water. What happens when you give these cactus sponges water? They re-hydrate, creating waterlogged bits that deliver moisture and a gentle scrubbing action. The intelligence of a desert plant is to hold on to water; in your skin cells, this results in plumped-up, thoroughly moisturized skin.

The Indian Neem Tree has been revered by Ayurveda for thousands of years and has often been called forth to heal and beautify the skin. It is strongly antimicrobial and healing for acne of all types (yet it isn't drying). Its cooling nature is of great help with inflammatory conditions (apparent as redness on the face) such as rosacea. Neem regenerates healthy skin cells and encourages a healthy skin coloring.

Catharsis Face Mask contains no gritty or overly scrubby particles that might scratch the surface of the skin and cause irritation or scars. There is no clay to avoid any drying effects and to make the mask easier to remove. It also contains no isolated nutrients.

Catharsis removes impurities and provides a strong detox/skin brightening effect, but is non-stripping, non-drying, moisturizing, and gentle.

The scent and its aromatherapy benefits: bitter and green, powerfully "re-awakening" to the senses. Allows one to shake off sluggishness of body or spirit, drowsiness, and a spacey feeling. Promotes mental sharpness and focus.

*Smell the prepared paste, not the powder.*

The ingredients that make a difference


Neem is antimicrobial, healing for acne of all types (yet it isn't drying). Neem is also a powerful plant that can send out a message when its healing has been accomplished and it is time to take a break from it.


Chlorella cleans the pores, detox, and nourish the skin with their wide range of phytonutrients, from amino acids, B vitamins, and beta-carotene, to vitamin K. Green algae have a firming, cooling, and strengthening effect.


Spirulina may provide anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to the many antioxidants it contains

Full Ingredients List

Aloe barbadensis leaf powder*, Azadirachta indica (neem) leaf powder* (India), organic Spirulina platensis powder, organic broken-cell Chlorella vulgaris powder, Citrus sinensis (orange) peel powder*. *Certified organic. Certified cruelty free, vegan, cold process, handcrafted, small batch, no fragrance added

How to use it

Morning & Night

Measure out 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of the powder into a ceramic bowl. Mix with a very small amount of warm (not hot) water, adding the water drop by drop to achieve a paste consistency. We also recommend adding a small amount of honey. Apply onto freshly washed, towel-dried skin and leave on for 10 to 30 minutes, then rinse off. Also try it as an in-the-shower mask or spot-treatment mask for blemishes. The mask can be used as often as desired. Avoid inhaling the powder.

Tip's from Ava

Catharsis is extremely versatile and offers visible, immediate results.

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Jazmin's Tip's

"This can be used as a powerful spot treatment for stubborn pimples."

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