Anima Mundi

Happy Belly Powder: De-bloat + Boost Metabolism

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Digestive Aid | Botanical Digestive Enzyme Booster | Belly Detox 

This exquisite powder is easy to dust into anything, from healthy foods, smoothies, and juices, to simply dissolving in water to drink as a digestive juice before meals.

We live in a world where there is an abundance of bad fats within the marketplace. They make it into our lives unperceived and in the most unexpected ways. Oftentimes, the oils we buy at grocery stores are rancid, heated at high temperatures where their nutrient density is destroyed, or are simply refined or saturated fats. Overtime, this can tax our liver and cause a bunch of common side-effects such as bloating, gas, allergies, stagnation, backed up metabolism, and more. 

This formula was designed with the intention to help assist fat breakdown, boost healthy digestion, detox, and to boost metabolism. 

Key Benefits:

+ Can help de-bloat

+ Carminative (reduces formation of gas)

+ Anti-inflammatory

+ May increase circulation

+ May act as a detox aid

+ May help with fat metabolism

+ Can help alkalize the body

+ May be up-lifting

How to use it

Completeyour routine



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