Summer Beauty Checklist #PWBeautyedit

Summer Beauty Checklist


Sun is out, the heat is rising, and of course you want to slay all day! Check out our seasonal #PWbeautyedit where our editors round-up the best clean beauty items that are an absolute must have for the Summer. -Rosemary + Grapefruit Toner by Odiele: A light, crisp yet refreshing cocktail of citrus, tea tree and witch hazel combine to create the perfect canvas for skin-care application that will prevent and banish pesky blemishes while balancing oil production in the skin.

Editors tip, keep in the fridge for a zesty cooling refresh on a hot day

-Cacao Antioxidant Mask by Josh Rosebrook: Looks good enough to eat ( and totally safe to do so) but probably won’t go down so well. This indulgent yet powerful blend of antioxidants works to detox and purify the skin while boosting collagen to keep your skin plump and hydrated at the same time. Now this is some multitasking that we can get behind any day of the year!

-Ayour Body Toning Serum by Mun Skin: Oh you thought your face was the only space allow to receive a serum? That’s for amateurs! Time to level up and invite serums into you body care as well. This serum does more than hydrate the skin, it tones the skin while minimizing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks through the combination of prickly pear seed oil and rosehip seed oil. Now try and name a more iconic duo...We’ll wait.

-Nutrient Day Cream Tinted: When tech meets nature, you get Nutrient day cream with SPF 30. We all know our skin needs a layer of sun protection year round but even more so during the sunnier and hotter days of the year. A blend of non-nano zinc oxide and Swiss apple stem help combat early signs of aging.

Bonus: Feel free to sneak this into your significant others cabinet as the line was originally intended for mens skincare but the ladies know when they’ve stumbled upon greatness.

-Worth by Axiology: Don’t you just love when you can count all the ingredients in 1 product on just 10 fingers? Is that just me? Whatever, this vegan and cruelty-free lipstick in the shade Worth is a no brainer for Summer. Is it coral, is it pink, is it red? The answer to all 3 is a resounding YES! Depending on your skin tone, each undertone will pop accordingly. It’s basically custom lipstick and it’s magical. You’re welcome!

-Black Rose Cleansing Gel by Leland Francis: Words cannot even describe how much I’m obsessed with this cleanser. 1 pump is all it takes to literally take off the entire day on my face including mascara. Don’t be fooled by its minimal and understated appearance, this cleanser won’t play around and won’t dry out your skin because guess what...The FIRST ingredient is organic aloe vera. So not only will it clean your skin SO flawlessly, it’ll leave it so soft that you might not even remember to use a moisturizer afterwards. ( Don’t skip that, but I’m just sayin’)

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