PWB Presents: Clean Beauty X Wellness Immersive

March 28th we hosted PWB Presents Clean Beauty X Wellness immersive at the cozy Wythe Hotel Screening Room + Bar. Over 100 clean beauty junkies packed the space and enjoyed delicious and nutrient rich Golden Milk Lattes by J's Golden Milk, Indulged in Clean Manicures + Hand Massages courtesy of Reserved + Polished AND our founder hosted/moderated a panel with 6 fabulous clean beauty insiders to help shed some light on the topic of clean beauty through their expertise and personal experiences. The evenings vibe was high and the scene was diverse + chic and we all left inspired and informed. We look forward to many more soiree's and meeting as many of you as we can! Until next time! Panelists from left to Right: Jazmin Alvarez, Jessica Morelli, Munemi Imai, Urvashi Singh, Kara Ladd, Delia Mitchell, Campbell Ritchie

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