Beauty is an

inside job

Pretty Well Beauty is your premiere clean beauty and wellness destination. We're proud to provide you with only the highest quality clean, natural and organic beauty and wellness products from trusted brands that span the globe. First and foremost, beauty is an inside job and we believe that what you put on your skin should echo your standards for what you put into your body.



Simply put, If we don't recognize it, we won't recommend it. We are here to remove the guesswork of what is clean and what isn't so you don't have to. As we continue to grow , our mission will always remain constant so you know you can always trust the brands that partner with the Pretty Well Beauty standard.

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Photography by Romer Pedron

Meet the


Jazmin Alvarez, Founder of Pretty Well Beauty has been beauty obsessed since forever so it was no real surprise that she ended up working in the beauty and fashion industry for almost 15 years aligning herself with the industries most influential hair and makeup artists and for several leading brands.

“I’ve always liked fashion but I am OBSESSED with beauty!” So when it came time to start thinking about a new career path, Pretty Well Beauty was born. This venture is comprised of several years of being a clean beauty consumer herself and being the go to person for literally everyone in her personal and professional circle of what is the best product to buy. “I would literally take my friends to places and load them up with the most gorgeous clean beauty products and they became addicted just like I knew they would because once you see that natural ingredients are just as effective, if not better than the toxic chemicals found in so many mass produced products, why would you go back!?”

When it comes to choosing skin, hair and body products, nature provides us with everything our bodies could ever need. Everything else is just fluff and fillers and honestly, who really wants that in their body? You deserve the very best and we’re here to give it to you.


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